Paranormal Postcards
Mounted postcards, red sewing thread, red graphic tape on wall, dimensions variable, 2001-ongoing

An ongoing project, at present consisting of over 200 postcards, where various elements in the image are connected by stitching through the card with red sewing thread. The cards are then grouped, and the groups are then connected via an elaborate network of dotted red lines made of graphic tape applied to the wall. A "world view" of extreme and almost paranoid interconnectedness emerges. As with many of my map works and chart pieces, the project seems to suggest some underlying coherent research or guiding principal, but the piece ultimately speaks more about taxonomy itself.

Each time the project is exhibited, I incorporate postcards from the city or town where it is on view so that people can recognize a local point of entry. This project began as a response to a long layover with a postcard purchase from a gift shop in the Olso airport in 1998.

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