Surface Spoils: Concrete Music from Europe
Found audio tape, plastic, color photocopies and foam core, 1997

During the course of a six-week car trip through Europe in 1997, I decided it would be interesting to try the same experiment as I did for Songs of the Islands and collect any discarded audio tape I found on the ground. New York is a particularly dirty city, and I wasn't sure I would be able to find any tape in Europe—perhaps it gets cleaned up more quickly there? As it turned out, I found tape in every one of the ten countries I visited. I collected, cleaned and subsequently spliced together the pieces of tape in the order and lengths in which I found them. The sound was then transferred to CD, and worked into an interactive wall installation. Each original piece of loose tape is displayed under a plastic dome, with a base made from section of a European map corresponding to the city where that tape fragment was found.

Click here to hear excerpt (coming soon)

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